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      First, let us say: The volunteers so far have been AWESOME! We could go on for pages, but the short version is that they have helped us clean debris from pastureland, corn and hay fields. They have helped us rebuild fences. They have cleaned our milk room, supplied meals for us three times, cut and removed 5 downed trees. The wood for all of these trees is donated to American Flatbread who lost all 40 cords of wood to the flood. They cook with wood fired ovens, so this is a tremendous loss to them. So we are giving all the wood from our fallen trees to them :)

    We have also received a check for $10,000 from the Farm Disaster Fund from Vermont State and the Vermont Community Foundation. Fox 44 story on the donation!

The donations that would help us are:

- Gravel and Equipment to help rebuild the river banks. These fields and banks must be repaired ASAP. Currently there is no protection for our land because the banks that acted as a buffer are gone. The next high water will eat into our fields directly and, if not repaired rapidly, it would destroy 30 acres of land. The stream banks are covered except for rocks for the Rip Rap (the protective layer between the bank and the river). The price of the rocks needed is $15/yard. If someone were willing to donate towards that, it would be fantastic. Donations of the use of the heavy equipment and the rocks themselves would be fantastic. Estimates to repair this damage reach $110,000.00

- Feed for our cows. If people want to donate feed, it MUST be certified organic and have a receipt and proof of organic status. We can't feed it if it doesn't have the proper paperwork vouching for its authenticity.

- We could use a boom truck for taking down 2 maple trees that were damaged. The wood will be donated to a local business that uses the firewood for making their wonderful flatbread pizzas. Their wood was completely washed away

 - Any monetary donations that can help us afford these repairs and items.

For large donations of services, or monetary donations, please contact:

Ed Turner:


call Doug Turner 802-496-2481

If you would like to make a cash donation, please click on PayPal link on the bottom of the page.

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