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We'd like people to know that we are an organic dairy farm that grazes its cattle roughly 170 days a year. Organic requirements ask that you graze the cattle for a minimum of 120 days. We get our animals exercise daily, weather permitting. We do not use hormones or antibiotics, nor do we use commercial fertilizers or pesticides. Our animals are treated with homeopathic medicines and organic approved remedies.

            We feed round organic hay bales, and organic corn. We add in organic grain in the winter.

            Farming is a lifestyle, not a job. There are no paid holidays, no weekends off. It is a 24/7 line of work that requires dedication and commitment. We are a 4th generation family farm which has been working this land for 79 years. We aim for much longer, but we need your help.

            We treat our animals as we would treat our pets.

            We love what we do and wouldn't want to do anything else.

            Every generation has added to the farm by either adding lands or improving the buildings. We have had to adapt, like any other business, to meet the changing times. We have had to adapt the best and most practical ideas to survive.

            We are blessed with great farmland. It is river bottomland, fertile valley fields with deep topsoil and very good drainage. The river was lined with a variety of trees, maple and elm, oak and ash, and combined with the backdrop of the local mountains and hills, it makes for a truly scenic view that we are proud to share with our community.

            Unfortunately, we are well aware of the danger the river poses. It has provided us with countless hours of relaxation, afternoons spent at the swimming hole, fishing along the banks, or just plain relaxing at the small beach. But it often swells and leaks onto our land. So we took precautions before Irene came. We tried to pick up our fences in the areas most vulnerable to flooding. We moved posts and wires, moved our wrapped bales of hay to safer, higher ground. But it wasn't enough. No one could have predicted a flood of this magnitude. It was the highest recorded floodwater since 1927. We had more than 10 feet of water over our lands. The river was 300 feet wide.  There were bales of hay on ledges next to the river, many feet in the air after the water receded. Tall old trees were uprooted like saplings. There was a folding cot in our field, along with silt and gravel, logs, old shoes, hubcaps and the rest of the flotsam and jetsam the flood waters carried to us.

            Despite all of this, we are determined to make it. It's been a long and difficult time, and we are all tired, over stressed, and trying our best to do what we can. Any help anyone can provide, no matter how small, from kind words to prayers to contributions of time, money, materials, and whatever else you can think of, is greatly and deeply appreciated.



                        Doug, Sharon, Joe, and Brandi Turner

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